A List of Children's Song Storybooks

These books have well- known children's songs as their text. They are a great resource for teaching music and integrating Language Arts into the music curriculum or vice versa. The list is in alphabetical order by title. Click on the letters below to go to the title you are intersted in.



Walking Around the Garden; by John Prater; Barrons Juveniles, 1998; ISBN: 0764151118

A Wart Snake in a Fig Tree; words by George Mendoza, pictures by Etienne Delessert; Dial Press, 1968; ISBN 0-8037-9446-0; - A TAKE-OFF ON “TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS”.

We Three Kings
and other Christmas Carols; H. A. Rey; Harper Collins, 1944; ISBN 0-694-00661-0; - The creator of Curious George put together this uniquely notated music book. See if it intrigues your students or children as it did mine.

What a Wonderful World; by George David Weiss and Bob Theile, illiustrated by Ashley Bryan; Atheneum Books - Simon and Schuster, 1995; ISBN 0-=689-80087-8; - Colorful illustrations show children creating a puppet show to accompany the well-known song made famous by Louis Armstrong.

What Shall We Do When We All Go Out? : A Traditional Song; illustrated by Shari Halpern, Philip H. Baile; North South Books, 1997; ISBN: 1558587055; - Collages, showing kids bike-riding, kite-flying, somersaulting, and just having fun, illustrate a traditional play-song.

The Wheels on the Bus (A pop-up book); Paul Zelinsky; Dutton Books, 1990; ISBN 0-525-44644-3

The Wheels on the Bus; Maryann Kovalski; Kids Can Press, 1990; ISBN 0-921103-09-3 (hc) 0-921103-92-1 (pbk)

The Wheels on the Bus; illustrations by Rosanne Litzinger; Millbrook Press, 1999; ISBN: 0761312765

The Wheels on the Bus; by Dana Regan; Cartwheel Books, 1996; ISBN: 0590543164; - Adapting the classic children's song of the same name, a rolling board book features bright illustrations of endearing animals who ride from the country to the city. Only 4 verses included.

The Wheels on the Bus (Pudgy Board Book); Jerry Smith; Grosset & Dunlap, 1991; ISBN: 044840124X

The Wheels on the Bus; illustrated by Bari Weissman; Inchworm Press, 1997; ISBN: 1577193261

The Wheels on the Bus: The Traditional Song; illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky; Pop-Up edition - Dutton Books, 1990 ; ISBN: 0525446443 ; - My favorite of the many versions of this song.

When I First Came to This Land; retold by Harriet Ziefert, pictures by Simms Taback; , G. B. Putnamm and Sons, 1998; ISBN 0-399-23044;
- Zany picures accompany the words to this 19th century folk song about immigrants to the New World.

When You Wish upon a Star : A Musical Pop-Up Book; illustrated by David Christensen, Sparky Moore ; Hyperion, 1996; ISBN: 0786830581

Where the Buffalo Roam; adapted and illustrated by Jacqueline Geis; Ideal Publishing Co., 1992; ISBN 0-8249-8584-2 (lib. bdg) 0-8249-8570-2 (hc)

Whistle While You Work (Musical Pop-Up Book); illustrated by Francese Mateu; Disney Press; ISBN: 1562825143 1994

Who Killed Cock Robin; illustrated by Rodney McRae; Delacorte Press - Bantam Doubleday, 1989; ISBN 0-385-30085-9 (HC), 0-385-30112-X (pbk) - Strange geometric, Paul Klee like illustrations to the English ballad.

Who Killed Cock Robin; Kevin O’Malley; Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, 1993; ISBN 0-688-123430-5, 0-688-12431-3 9 (lib.bdg); - In this delightful twist on the old English ballad, Cock Robin becomes a murder mystery.

Yankee Doodle; Steven Kellogg; Alladin Paperbacks - Simon and Schuster, 1996; ISBN 0689801580 (hc), 0-689-80726-0 (pbk);
- Delightfully detailed and historically based pictures illustrate the song. A history of the song is also included.

Yankee Doodle; woodcuts by Ed Emberley; Half Moon Books - Simon and Schuster, 1994; ISBN 0-671-88559-6 (hc), 0-671-88645-2 (pbk)