A List of Children's Song Storybooks

These books have well- known children's songs as their text. They are a great resource for teaching music and integrating Language Arts into the music curriculum or vice versa. The list is in alphabetical order by title. Click on the letters below to go to the title you are intersted in.



O Beautiful for Spacious Skies, poem by Katherine Lee Bates, art by Wayne Thiebaud; Chronicle Books, 1994; ISBN 0-8118-0832-7 - Part of a series edited by Sara Jane Boyers combining work by contemporary American artists with evocative poetry in children's books. Biographies of the artist and poet are includes as a postscript.

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?; illustrated by Iza Trapani; Whispering Coyote Press, 1998; ISBN: 1580890059

Oh Where, Oh Where?; John Pratery; Barrons Juveniles, 1998; ISBN: 0764151096;
- Baby Bear plays hide-and-seek with Father Bear. Meanwhile, Father Bear calls out, "Oh where, oh where has my little bear gone?" The full-page illustrations are bright, simply drawn, humorous, and charming, and the hard-board cover and pages are sturdy enough to withstand rough treatment from baby's hands.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm; by Carol Jones; Walter Lorraine, 1998; ISBN: 0395901251

Old MacDonald; illustrated by Betty Greenhatch; Bookbuilders Ltd. 1997; ISBN 0-7635-2324-0

Old MacDonald; illustrated and retold by Jessica Souhami, designed by Paul McAlinden; Orchard Books, 1996; ISBN 0-531-09493-6

On Top of Spaghetti (Let Me Read, Level 3); Tom Glazer, illustrated by Rob Barber; 2 edition Goodyear Pub Co., 1995; ISBN: 0673362388

One Light, One Sun (Raffi Songs to Read); by Raffi, illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes; Crown Publishers; ISBN: 0517576449

Over in the Meadow; illustrated by John Boucher; Rigby PM Collection, 1998; ISBN 0 7635 2330 5

Over in the Meadow : An Old Nursery Counting Rhyme (Books for Young Readers); by Paul Galdone, Jack Galdone; Simon & Schuster, 1989; ISBN: 067167837X

Over in the Meadow; John Langstaff illstrated by Fedor Rojankovsky, published by Voyager Books - Harcourt Brace, 1989; ISBN: 0156705001

Over the River and Through the Wood; poem by Lydia Maria Child, illustrated with woodcuts by Christopher Manson; North-South Books, 1992; ISBN 1555858-959-7, 1-55858-211-8 - Lovely illustrations for this Thanksgiving Song. Includes a history of the 19th century author of the poem, Lydia Maria Child.

Over the River and Through the Wood; by Lydia Maria Child; pictures by Brinton Turkle; Scholastic, Inc., 1974; ISBN 0-590-41190-X; - Not as fine as above previous version, but includes all 12 of the original verses by Ms. Child.

Over the River and Through the Woods (Cartwheel); illustrated by John Steven Gurney; Scholastic Inc., 1992; ISBN: 0590452584

Peanut Butter : A Traditional Song (Let Me Read); illustrated by Robin Oz; Goodyear Publishing Co., 1995; ISBN: 067336271X

Rise and Shine (Raffi Songs to Read); by Raffi, Bonnie Simpson, Bert Simpson; illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes; Crown Publishing, 1996; ISBN: 0517709406

Rock-A-Bye Baby : Lullabies for Bedtime; illustrated by Margaret Walty; Barefoot Books, 1998; ISBN: 1902283031

Roll On, Little Dogies: Songs & Activities for Young Cowpokers; Meghan Merker, Nate Brown; Gibbs Smith Publisher, 1996; ISBN: 0879057262 1996; - Over 20 classic cowboy songs and activities for young cowboys. Book packs printed music and lyrics into a colorful activity guide.

Roll Over; illustrated by Merle Peek; Houghton Mifflin Co.; 1981 ISBN: 039529438X

Row, Row, Row Your Boat; by Joanne F. Oppenheim, illustrated by Kevin O'Malley; Bantam - Bank Street, 1993; ISBN: 0553371932