A List of Children's Song Storybooks

These books have well- known children's songs as their text. They are a great resource for teaching music and integrating Language Arts into the music curriculum or vice versa. The list is in alphabetical order by title. Click on the letters below to go to the title you are intersted in.



The Magic Flute (includes CD); Retold by Anne Gatti, illustrated by Peter Malone; Chronicle Books, 1997; ISBN 0-8118-1003-8

The Magic Flute - Easy piano picture book; retold by Amanda Holden, pictures by Robin Richmond, music by Mozart; Faber & Faber, 1990; ISBN 0-571-51112-0; - This is my favorite book in this list - it comes very close to the ideal I wish for in having written musicbecome part of the text. The music is clear and easy to read and given full space as part of the text. The music is simplified piano score with words - making it more difficult for beginnng readers, but it is quite playable by young intermediate pianists.

Mary Had a Little Lamb; by Sarah Josepha Buell Hale, pictures by Salley Mavor; Orchard Books, 1995; ISBN: 0531068757

Mary Had a Little Lamb; by Sarah Josepha Hale, Bruce McMillan (Photographer); Demco Media,1992; ISBN: 0606078452; - A contemporary interpretation of the well-known nineteenth-century nursery rhyme about the school-going lamb, accompanied by color photographs, a sample exercise from McGuffey's reader, and a note on the history of the author and her famous rhyme.

Mary Had a Little Lamb; by Linda Jennings, Tania Hurt-Newton; Sterling Publications, 1999; ISBN: 1862330697
- The familiar song is taken on a interactive detour by the attched lamb finger puppet and fold out flaps.

Mary Had a Little Lamb; illustrated by Iza Trapani; Whispering Coyote Press, 1998; ISBN: 1580890091

Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Henry Wore His Green Sneakers; by Merle Peek; Clarion Books, 1998; ISBN: 0395900220

Miss Mary Mack; adapted by Mary Ann Hoberman; Illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott; Little , Brown and Co., 1998; ISBN 0-316-93118-7;
- A delightful picture book story to accompany the well-known clapping game. Instructions for playing the game are included.

Mockingbird; by Allan Ahlberg, illustrated by Paul Howard; Candlewick Press, 1998; ISBN 0-7636-0439-9

Mommy Buy Me a China Doll; Harve and Margot Zemach; Michael di Capua Books 1988 ISBN 0-374-45286-5/0470

Morning Has Broken; by Eleanor Farjeon, illustrated by Tim Ladwig, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1996; ISBN: 0802851274

Ms. MacDonald Has a Class; Jan Omerod; Clarion Books - Houghton Mifflin, 1995; ISBN 0-395-77611-2;
An adaptation of the song telling about a class putting a performance together. The music is integrated as a part of the illustrations.

The Mummer’s Song; Bud Davidge, Ian Wallace; Groundwood Book - Douglas and McIntyre Ltd., 1993; ISBN 0-88899-178-9, in the US: Orchard Books; ISBN: 0531068250; - A song composed by the authors tells the story of the Newfoundland outport Christmas holiday tradition of “Mummering.”

My Favorite Things; illustrated by James Warhola, music Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Osca Hammerstein III; Simon and Schuster, 1994; ISBN 0-671-79457-4

A Natural Man- The True Story of John Henry; by Steve Sanfield, drawings by Peter J. THornton, David R Godine, Publisher, Inc., 1986; ISBN 0-87923-630-2 (HC) 0-87923-772-4 (SC)

The Nightmare Song; by Gilbert and Sullivan, illustrated by Angie Sage; Angus and Robertson Press, 1981; ISBN 0 207-95884 X