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This template for planning comes from the Kennedy Center website for arts education, ArtEdge

Grades K-12: Template for Arts Planning

Table of Contents

Advance Organizers

- questions to ask yourself before beginning

1. How can I engage the students in finding meaning in this arts experience?

2. What actual creative and performing activities can be encorporated?

3. How can I engage the students in thinking about their work or the work of others?

Curriculum Content

What standards can I cover in these curriculum areas?

Visual Arts
Literary Arts:
Other Curriculum Areas:

Expected Outcomes

CONTEXT: What will the student be expected to learn about the relationships of art to self, society, history, culture, and/or other subject areas?

ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES: What will the student be expected to learn about the elements of art the discipline studied and how to manipulate them?

MATERIALS and PROCESSES: What will the student be expected to learn about the materials and processes used to create artworks?

FORM and DESIGN: What will the student be expected to learn about how artworks can be structured and the relationship of that structure to "purpose" (i.e. form and function)?

Skill Development

creating/performing skills

observing/responding skills




Are there ways I could work with artists, arts organizations, art museums or performing centers in my community on this unit/lesson?

Are there web information sources I might use?

Are there specialist teachers in my school/district I might consult or work with on this project?


How might I set criteria?
- teacher

- student

How might I use
- peer assessment?

- self-assessment?

- portfolio assessment




Document Data

Last Content Update: January 21, 1997
Created by: Kit Eakle, :kit@musickit.com

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