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Teachers Planning Guides and Teaching Strategies

Teaching a song - a strategy for teaching any song to elementary children

Keeping the beat - musical beat keeping activities that develop the crucial rhytmic and beat-keeping skills while integrating math and music (useful for Gr. K-6)

Arts Planning Matrix - This tool, which I took part in designing while at ARTSEDGE , the website for arts education at the Kennedy Center. It is a conceptual model that can be used for planning lessons, units, or curricula intended to include the arts in a substantive way that aligns with the National Standards for the Arts. It can also be used as a check-list of content and activities that should be carefully considered when designing any arts program or program integrating the arts. Here is a program planning template based on the ArtsEdge Matrix

Music literacy - Resources explaining WHY is it important for all kids and HOW it is linked to language literacy?

Using Computers in the elementary music classroom - an article written for the Kodaly Society of Canada's journal "Alla Breve." Also find links for a workshop on using computers in the music classroom here.

Vocal Health - tips to insure your students are not injuring their voice sin music lessons.
These exercises are also excellent for all teachers. We teachers use our voices far more rigourously than most. Following these simple guidelines will help you protect your voice as well!

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