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Check Out Our List of Kids Books with songs as their text

About the Project
 These Songs are ALL AVAILABLE as popular books. Download music and text PDF files for folk songs for the Songs in the following index:

Ways to use these songbook files:
1. Project or print off the files to have the children follow the written music as they learn or sing the song.

2. Print off the files and have the children illustrate the text appropriately to create your own classroom song book.

Make the following books into MUSICTALES: Copy the files - trim with scissors and paste in the book with removable glue. Have the children follow the written music as they learn or sing the song.
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About The Project:

This project is intended to make written music more accessible and fun to read for teachers and students alike. The songs for this project are selected from the many popular picture books available that use the text of public domain folksongs as their text.

For a more detailed discussion of why reading music is important for young kids, see THIS ARTICLE.

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