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GREAT BIG HOUSE in New Orleans

he music

If you know the tune and dance, Choose an Accompaniment for it

Verse 1 Verse 2 Verse 3

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BEFORE Singing Verse 1: Count off in "1's" (green diamonds) and "2's" (red circles) and hold hands in a circle as shown in the diagram below.

While singing Verse 1: Circle clockwise to beat while all hold hands.

-Dance diagram for verse 1-

Verse 2

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While singing Verse 2:
a. When singing the word "Went" O's move to centre- holds hands in small circle.

b. On word "fetch" X's reach over top ot O's hands and hold hands with the other X's inside the O's circle.

c. On "Put one arm around my wife," X's put arms over O's to make cicle on out side.

d. On "The other round my daughter" O's put arms over X's forming a "daisy chain" with both circles entwined.

-Dance diagram for verse 2-

Verse 3

return to verse 1

While singing Verse 3: Stay entwined in chain throughout this verse. On"Fare-thee-well" all put right foot behind left bending knees and then slide left foot to the left. Repeat and continue to the beat throughout verse - slowly circling clockwise/left.

-Dance diagram for verse 3-

When you have learned the dance and song well try singing the song with the different accompaniments below. Have someone in the class choose one of these styles:
Reggae - Pop - Fats Domino Fifties Rock - Country Rock - Latin (mambo) - Rap
Then get ready to SING and DANCE!!! (If you have "Crescendo!")

If you listen carefully you will hear a tap for counting you in. Count "1---2---1-2-3-4-" and start!

This is a REAL HOUSE in New Orleans.
It's NOT REALLY 40 stories high, it is only 3 stories tall.
We used a drawing program called "PhotoShop," to make it LOOK 40 stories high.
Actually, the REAL house probably DOES have MORE than 40 stories to tell!
Click on the picture to learn more about it!

Perhaps you could make a picture and write a story about a FORTY STORY HOUSE FILLED with PUMPKIN PIE!!!

Why would there be such a house?

If you know the Great Big House tune well, Click
to take the
Great Big House QUIZ!

For instructions on hearing the music embedded in these pages, click HERE

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