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Bluebird Information and Study Page


There are 3 kinds of Bluebirds in North America. What are they? Do you know? Find the answer here!

Click on this Bluebird picture to find out how each one looks:

Which of the Bluebird 3 kinds of bluebirds do you think Travis (the boy who coloured the picture on the "Here Comes a Bluebird" song page) was thinking of when he made his picture????????????
Here is his picture again:

Which Bluebird species is it? What makes you think so?

LISTEN TO THE 3 kinds of bluebirds' song here:

Western Bluebird Song

Eastern Bluebird Song

Mountain Bluebird Song I couldn't find this one on the web Can you?

A List of a lot of other bird songs (NOT the kind YOU sing - the kind the BIRDS sing!)

Do any bluebirds live in your area? Check these maps to see:

Range map with bird count of Eastern Bluebird

Range map with bird count of Mountain Bluebird

Range map with bird count of Western Bluebird

Range map of ALL 3 kinds


Which ones live in your area???


Here is a story about a bluebirds song by a student in Alberta, Canada. Look at the maps above. Which Bluebirds do they have in Alberta, Canada?

Can you match these pictures to the names of the three kinds of Bluebirds? Click on the name next to each picture that YOU think is the right answer, and find out if you are right!

Western? Eastern? Mountain?

Western? Eastern? Mountain?

Western? Eastern? Mountain?

If you would like to build a bird house for the bluebirds in your neighborhood try looking at these birdhouse plans.
HERE is another set of plans. Here is another place with some more plans for bluebirdhouses.

How about building or imagining and drawing your own "DREAM house" for bluebirds? Look HERE for ideas!

To find out where to put your new birdhouse READ THIS.


Bluebirds are disappearing in some areas. check out the sites below to do
MORE BLUEBIRD RESEARCH and find out what you can do to help:
North American Bluebird Society Order their education package (for 4th - 7th grades)

Phil's Bluebird page

More bluebird watching info

An Extensive List of Birding Links

Can you think of other songs you know about bluebirds or other birds? Sing them and see if you can find the music for them. Send them into us to be included on this page.
Send them to:

Kit Eakle
950 25 th St., Apt. 208N
Washington, DC, 20037

or email to:
Kit Eakle


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