Matrix for Planning a Unit


Arts Content




    Perceiving/Responding :


Elements and

(e.g. visual art-shape/color, 




drama-focus/technical elements,

dance-movement, rhythm, levels)



Materials and

(e.g. art-oil paint/painting, clay/sculpture, music- instrumentation, rehearsal, sound



drama-voice, body, stage, lights, action

dance-body, sets, costume)


Context: Social,


Cultural, Historical





All the above are required for a great BURGER


Wheres the BEEF???


The Beef is the subject area content. Most often classroom teachers forget the “Elements and Principles”


The arts are more than a means to intergrating other subjects with fun activities. When using the arts in the classroom, try to include the “Elements and Principles.” Here are examples of the Elements and Principles for each of the 4 arts:


Elements and Principles:

Music: Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Timbre, Dynamics, Texture, etc.

Dance: Body, Movement, Shape, Energy, Rhythm, Levels, etc.

Drama: Focus, Voice, Action, Technical Elements, etc.

Visual Arts: Shape, Form, Color, Texture, Scal, etc.