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On Jan. 27, 2006 WE CELEBRATED Mozart's 250th Birthday! in music and literature now He's 253!

Websites to celebrate

Mozart's Music

Mozart Books to Read

Mozart Activities

Mozart and Benjamin Franklin (Ben is celebrating his 300th birthday this year - and there IS a connection!)


Mozart's music

Mozart books

Books listed here are Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Mozart: Scenes from a Childhood; Mozart Finds a Melody; Mozart Tonight; Introducing Mozart; and a list of other books at another site

by Yona Zeldis McDonough, Carrie Robbins (Illustrator)-
A factual Mozart book of anecdotes aimed at upper elementary. A bit dated with poor quality paper.
Mozart: Scenes from a Childhood
by Catherine Brighton
well reviewed but difficult to find. I currently have it on back order.
Mozart Finds a Melody - by Stephen Costanza
A delightful Mozart book which tells a story of Mozart and how he gained inspiration from a bird to write his Piano Concerto #17. It is NOT a true historical account, and that should be made clear to kids reading it. However it is a delightful tale that gives a flavor of Vienna and Mozart's time. It also uses historical facts in that Mozart actually DID have a pet starling that he said could sing the theme the his 17th Piano Concerto in Gmajor. A good excuse to listen to the work after the kids read the book!
Mozart Tonight - by Julia Downing
The story of Mozart and the premier of Don Giovanni. A delightfully illustrated and dramatically told tale.
Introducing Mozart - by Roland Vernon
A factual introduction for older readers - grade 5-7.
KOO7's Library - A long list of Mozart books. Scroll down half way to find children's books’.
Mozart activities:
  • Play dice with Mozart! Mozart wrote music by throwing dice. You can make your own composition from Mozart here. Here is another version of the same game!

  • Here is an ONLINE MOZART QUIZ! Try it!
  • Play the Glass Armonica Here! (see the Benjamin Franklin connection below)
  • Listen to MANY Mozart programs celebrating his birthday and learn ALL about him at NPR (National Public Radio). You can even DOWNLOAD them to listen on your iPod!
  • Listen to NPR programs from SALZBURG , Mozart's birthplace, all year long celebrating his birthday, including many live concerts. Again - download for your computer or iPod.
  • Listen to Mozart at Classical Kids online - this is a syndicated kids music radio program broadcast on many classical music stations. Here many programs are archived and can be listened to on your iPod or computer.
  • Radio OpenSource is celebrating the birthday. Listen Here!

Mozart and Ben Franklin and The Glass Armonica:
Ben invented an amazing musical instrument and Mozart wrote music music for it!


The Book and CD are available from ALL independent booksellers.
(bookselers may order from distributors BOOKPEOPLE and Baker and Taylor)

A CD is INCLUDED with singing the story!!!

IF YOU LIKE this book PLEASE tell a friend and
ASK YOUR local BOOKSTORE to carry it!!!!

Also NOW available at MUSICKIT.COM:
LISTEN TO THE MUSIC: A Classroom Classical Music Listening Program

Listen to the Music
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The book includes thematic indeces for classroom themes, special holidays and musical concepts to help teachers plan classroom activities.