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An In My Grandmother's Garden MUSIC FUN page

Fun with making, listening, reading, and writing music

Here is a partial piano keyboard showing how the black keys show the pentatonic scale:

You can play the whole song using those notes!

There are only 5 notes in the song,“In My Grandmother's Garden.
Here they are:
Here you can see the keys you can play for each note in the book. See if you can play the first page of the song playing the notes on your piano.

If you don't have a piano here are two you can get online and play on your computer! :

A simple keyboard you can play

A fancy Midi keyboard you can play (click the resulting screen to play. Use computer keyboard "A,S and F,G,H" to play the 5 keys shown above)

A new window should open with the keyboard

If you wish to play one line at a time, follow along with the book or click HERE.