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In My Grandmother's Garden MUSIC FUN page

Fun with making, listening, reading, and writing music

1. In My Grandmother's Garden music for piano. (PDF file)
Listen to the piano music here.
(MIDI file)

Print the PDF file and try playing this simple latin flavored setting for the “In My Grandmother’s Garden” melody.

    Try adding DYNAMICS to the music. Experiment with making different parts or verses loud or soft. Then write f (for FORTE -LOUD) and 'p' (PIANO for 'soft') underneath the places you think would add to the song. You can also use 'mp,' or 'mf' ('mezzo' or medium loud or soft) or 'ff' (FORTISSIMO for VERY loud) or 'pp' (for 'PIANISSIMO' or 'VERY soft) if you like.

2. Never played piano? You CAN learn to play In My Grandmother’s Garden on a piano/keyboard

3. Write your own words for In My Grandmother's Garden
Use the music to make your own song about somewhere important to you. Tell about the place anf things that happen there.

4. Find the flowers in the book.
Do you like flowers? Do you know there names.

Do like flowers? Do you know their names? Look here for the names of the flowers in the book and intersting information about them.

5. Make your own hat...

6. THEN make a portrait or self-portrait.

7. Grandmother’s Garden musical treasure hunt.

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