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BLACK HISTORY MONTH in music and literature

Books listed here are Follow the Drinking Gourd; My Dream of Martin Luther King; Harriet and the Promised Land; and When Marian Sang.

Follow the Drinking Gourd

1. Activities and fun for “Follow the Drinkin’ Gourd”
2. Music for song to make this book into your own
Links for learning more.

My Dream of Martin Luther King

1. Activities and fun for “My Dream of MLK”
2. Music for "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody" and "We Shall Overcome"
3. Links for learning more.
Harriet and the Promised Land - A picture book written AND illustrated by Jacob Lawrence - a famous African American painter. It is a poem that tells the story of famous Underground Railroad conductor, Harriet Tubman. I have written music to the words using a call-response chorus that kids love to sing.
1. Activities (coming)
2. Music for "Harriet and the Promised Land" music by Kit Eakle
3. Links for learning more.
When Marion Sang - A picture book evoking the great American contralto, Marian Anderson. This lovely book tells the inspiring, true, story of a poor, black Philadelphia school girl with a remarkable voice who was, among other things, the first singer to break the color line at the ‘Met’ - New York’s Metropolitan opera.

1. Book Review/Lesson Plan
2. Music for "Motherless Child." Place in the book
Links for learning more.

A Picture Book of Rosa Parks - A picture book of the Rosa Parks Story

1. Get the book
2. Music for “Talkin’ About Martin” by Kit Eakle - retelling of the basic Rosa Parks Story


The Book and CD are available from ALL independent booksellers.
(bookselers may order from distributors BOOKPEOPLE and Baker and Taylor)

A CD is INCLUDED with singing the story!!!

IF YOU LIKE this book PLEASE tell a friend and
ASK YOUR local BOOKSTORE to carry it!!!!

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